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Embrace cloud computing with a lightweight, secure operating system designed to keep the focus on getting work done

Most workers no longer need or use local computing power thanks to the introduction of cloud computing, SaaS apps and virtualisation by today’s enterprises. CloudReady is a modern operating system built for that new world, designed to secure your business in the cloud while dramatically reducing the total cost and effort of managing devices.

Built on the same open-source technology as Chromebooks and Chrome OS, CloudReady is the flexible, scalable way to deploy the Chrome environment on almost any hardware. Make it easy for your organisation to embrace cloud resources by using CloudReady to turn the computers you already have into Chrome devices – no matter where they are in the world.

The OS you want on the hardware you choose

It doesn’t matter whether your computers are just out of the box, a few years old, or even 10 years old. CloudReady can be installed on almost any x86 hardware, giving you the flexibility to deploy the Chrome environment on the devices that make sense for your business... from everyday laptops and desktops to specialised form factors, like ruggedised devices, high-end machines or those with powerful specifications and even digital signage.


Purpose-built to be incredibly secure

The same foundation as Chrome OS, with the same inherent security.

Trade the bloat, lag, painful updates and time-intensive maintenance of older, insecure operating systems for a modern OS. CloudReady brings a whole new level of trust to enterprise devices, with preventive security measures built into the foundation of the OS, not installed on top.

Per user encryption

Protect data while keeping startup fast via encrypted, individual data stores

Process sandboxing

Eliminate accidental authorisation of unwanted or malicious programs

Automatic updates

Seamless, over-the-air updates every 6-8 weeks

Unified device management that scales with you

CloudReady integrates natively with G Suite and the Google Admin console, so you can manage, track and organise users and devices without any extra time or effort. Using Chrome Enterprise device management, you can enroll your CloudReady machines in your existing Admin console for the control and visibility you need to manage your fleet quickly and seamlessly.

Once enrolled, manage CloudReady machines exactly like Chromebooks. From PCs, Macs, and Chromebooks to thin clients—every device in your fleet can be managed via one web-based console, with the same user and device policies, remote wipe and lockdown, instant policy pushes and automated background updates.

Deploy globally at the press of a button

CloudReady is compatible with WDS, SCCM, Landesk, Ghost and others for painless mass deployment at scale. For smaller deployments, CloudReady installs from a USB in just minutes.

CloudReady Case Studies

These case studies can help you learn more about how CloudReady can help your organisation take that first step towards a Chrome environment.