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The benefits of Chromebooks for education

Revolutionise your learning environment

Invigorate the learning experience with cutting edge technology designed to promote collaborative learning.

The concept of collaborative learning, the grouping and pairing of students for the purpose of achieving an academic goal, has been widely researched and advocated. The term "collaborative learning" refers to an instruction method in which students at various performance levels work together in small groups toward a common goal. The students are responsible for one another's learning as well as their own. Thus, the success of one student helps other students to be successful.

Proponents of collaborative learning claim that the active exchange of ideas within small groups not only increases interest among the participants but also promotes critical thinking. There is persuasive evidence that cooperative teams achieve at higher levels of thought and retain information longer than students who work quietly as individuals. The shared learning gives students an opportunity to engage in discussion, take responsibility for their own learning, and thus become critical thinkers.

Revitalise homework assignments and groupwork, allowing students to access Google accounts and current projects, from any device, at any time.

Streamline your tutors' preparation with ease of setting, tracking, collecting and responding to assignments through Google Classroom.

Google designed Classroom with the help of teachers and students in mind. It was created to give teachers more time to teach and students more time to learn, allowing you to:

  • Create and collect assignments: Classroom weaves together Google Docs, Drive and Gmail to help teachers create and collect assignments paperlessly. They can quickly see who has or hasn’t completed the work and provide direct, real-time feedback to individual students.
  • Improve class communications: Teachers can make announcements, ask questions and comment with students in real time, improving communication inside and outside of class.
  • Stay organised: Classroom automatically creates Drive folders for each assignment and for each student. Students can easily see what’s due on their Assignments page.

Maximise your teaching time with devices that boot up in 8 seconds and resume instantly.

Energise your lesson plans through the Educational Appstore with teaching aids for a wide range of subject topics and learning styles.

Engage with students and parents outside of college by sharing Google Docs and Calendars, or with apps to automate text message reminders.

Inspire young innovators of the future by giving them access to pioneering technology as part of their education.

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