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Ensure safety and compliance on Chromebooks

You’re adding Chromebooks, going 1:1 and enabling powerful integration of technology in the classroom. Now you need to make sure that it’s paying off. With Relay, you get the insights you need to understand and maximise use of the devices, keep users safe and increase the educational return on your technology investments. Relay has everything you need to make decisions to enhance technology use, report up to administrators, present to the leadership team, reassure concerned parents, empower teachers and direct students on appropriate use. Plus it helps schools adhere to Prevent Duty, IWF and Ofsted e-safety policies.


Track usage activity to ensure that devices are used appropriately and effectively


Manage web access, YouTube and social media to keep students safe and on track


Stop inappropriate behaviour by identifying and remediating high-risk web activities


Find lost or stolen devices with smart geolocation tools to keep your ROI high

Empower your teachers!

Classroom included with Relay, at no additional cost.

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