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Spanning understands that time is money and getting back online as quickly as possible is key. That’s why they have designed the industry’s most fine-tuned, accurate restore process to bring your cloud data back exactly the way it was from any point in time – and fast.

Don’t let data loss eat your homework –
let Spanning help instead

Spanning provides a backup and recovery solution that provides automated, daily backups and stores your cloud data in a private and secure sector of the cloud. It also offers the most accurate restores with point-in-time and one-click restore capabilities. Finally, with proactive backup status reporting, Spanning gives you the visibility you need to ensure your data is always protected.

Here’s why schools and universities choose Spanning Backup:

  • Affordable: We understand that educators are always being asked to do more with ever-shrinking resources. That’s why Spanning offers a substantial discount for staff and student users.
  • Ease of use: No need to spend a lot of time on training – Spanning’s interface is so intuitive, anyone can use it to restore lost data quickly and easily.
  • Unbeatable support: Our support team is ultraresponsive and will go the extra mile to get your problem solved, including bringing in engineers if needed.
  • Industry-leading security: We understand that your organisation may store sensitive and personal information, so we are proud to protect your data with industry-leading security credentials.

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