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Tablets with Google Play for Education

Designed for learning, made for the classroom

Tablets with Google Play for Education help teachers bring more love for learning to their classrooms. Choose from a variety of edu-ready tablets, then get access to Google Play for Education, a special version of the Google Play store designed just for schools. Wonderful things can happen when sharing the right app, book or video and is as easy as sharing a Google doc.

The right content for any lesson

Google Play for Education contains an ever-growing set of educational apps, books and videos. There are two ways to find the right content for your class:

  • Browse educator-approved content. Use the filters at the left and top of the screen to explore thousands of educator-approved Android apps, free Chrome apps, a wide selection of educational books and classroomready YouTube videos. Pick a content type to get started, then browse by grade, subject, keyword or education standard (including UK Curriculum).
  • Search for just the right thing. In addition to educator-approved apps, Google Play for Education also gives schools access to more than 1 million Android apps in Google Play. Use the search bar at the top of the page to search across all the apps, books and videos available for assignment. Teacher-approved content is marked with a yellow “EDU” badge.

Flexibility to differentiate

By making it easy for teachers to find and share the right digital content, Google Play for Education helps educators customize learning to students’ individual needs and interests. Assigning an app, book or video is simple; enter individual student accounts or create Google Groups for easy group sharing. Content will appear on students’ tablets or Chromebooks immediately, with no cables or extra permissions required.

More love for learning

Great teachers find countless ways to inspire their students every day. Now they can create a curriculum that’s just as inspiring. Google Play for Education makes it easy to find the apps, books and videos that cater to students’ unique needs and interests. From there, getting a great piece of content to the right student is as simple as sharing a Google doc — no tangled cables or pleading phone calls to the IT department required. It all adds up to more flexible teaching and a more engaged classroom.

Apps, books and videos made for the classroom

Whether students are working on Chromebooks or Android tablets, teachers have access to a huge variety of content that brings new depth and engagement to lessons:

  • Thousands of educator-approved apps for Android tablets and Chromebooks
  • Access to over 1 million other Android apps available in Google Play
  • A huge library of free classic books; from Shakespeare to Jane Austen
  • Tens of thousands of educational books available for affordable rental, from the latest hit fiction to subjectspecific textbooks
  • Educational YouTube videos from approved channels

While Android apps run on tablets and Chrome apps run on Chromebooks, the books and videos teachers share from Google Play for Education can be accessed from any device. So students get more flexibility with when and how they learn.

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