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8 Ways LEGO Education helps children grow

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Teamwork & social skills

Working in small groups to create and achieve something together helps reinforce joint focus, sharing and positive behaviour.

Communication & language skills

Promotes expressing their thoughts and listening to others, negotiation and compromise.

Problem solving

Following instructions, understanding quantity, patterns and location of the bricks helps develop mathematical skills and encourages new ideas.

Physical development

In a society where kids are experts at swiping on screens, having the opportunity to develop fine motor skills and dexterity is hugely important.


Coming up with solutions gives children a sense of achievement and pride, driving them to try more complex tasks when they feel ready.


The building process can help children understand that it takes time to get the desired outcome and that hard work can pay off.

Reducing anxiety & stress

Creating with LEGO Education can bring a feeling of order and control to a chaotic or stressful day and can have therapeutic effects.

Focus & concentration

With set goals in mind, children can keep working until their project is complete.

Introducing LEGO® Education

Created to reimagine the way we learn, LEGO® Education has worked alongside teachers and educators for over 40 years.

With solutions designed for all school ages, kits include intelligent hardware to introduce children to robotics and coding in a fun, hands-on way with a brand that kids recognise and love.

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