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The most complete backup solution for your school's data

Redstor’s cloud-first backup and recovery takes a smarter approach, cutting out the need for expensive hardware and protecting your data stored across end user devices and infrastructure, cloud environments and SaaS apps, all from a single, simple-to-use app.

Unable to recover accidentally or maliciously deleted cloud data?

Looking for a secure
off-site backup solution that adheres to DfE guidelines?

Want to centrally protect a wide range of sources via a single app?

Worried about the impact of ransomware on your cloud and SaaS data?

Redstor provides smarter, simpler and safer backup and recovery for schools and businesses using Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Salesforce and other SaaS platforms. Data loss caused by ransomware, user error, sync or configuration errors and other risks that threaten productivity and business continuity can now be recovered with added peace of mind.

White Redstor Logo

Protecting your vital data on 

Complete protection, instant recovery. That’s smart.

Redstor helps you backup directly from the cloud to their secure, private cloud in minutes. With no hardware and local bandwidth to worry about, you can scale protection instantly, infinitely and cost-effectively.

Once your data has been backed up by Redstor, it’s saved in an immutable, offline state. This means it’s fixed, unchangeable and cannot be deleted, with all backups separate so one save can’t impact another.

Your cloud contingency also needs to account for any sensitive data. AI woven into Redstor’s app automatically identifies how data should be classified, facilitating better data management and protection for no extra cost.

A single app, the broadest coverage.

Smarter backup and recovery of your data, wherever it is.

Secures your second-location backup requirements while providing lightning-quick recovery of your files on demand.

Unlocking the freedom to manage your backups from anywhere.

Leverage the benefit of cloud-working for your backup with the ability to manage everything centrally, from anywhere.

Unique antiviral AI that outsmarts cyber threats.

AI-powered malware detection scans your backups, flagging potentially malicious files for review before threats become attacks.

The only cloud-first backup with on-demand recovery.

InstantData™ technology enables recovery of entire systems in moments, getting users back to work almost instantly.

Save time, hassle and costs with cloud management.

Forget about spending CapEx on expensive hardware. Redstor can be set up in minutes, protecting your data from Day One.

Your responsibility

With cyber-attacks on the rise everywhere, including schools, colleges and MATs over the last few years, the Department for Education has issued guidance on how schools can stay protected against malicious online threats like phishing and ransomware.

Most cloud platform providers don’t automatically backup data, but even the ones that do still advise that you also take a secure, third-party backup so in the event of a breach, data loss or corruption you know your data is safe in a second location.

If you don’t have a data protection strategy leveraging current best practices such as Redstor, it’s vital that you urgently review your defences and take the necessary steps to protect your network.

Ready to try the smartest backup and recovery platform?

You don’t need to wait for expensive hardware to get delivered and installed before you can backup your data. Redstor helps organisations get protected from Day One with no upfront costs, managed by an expert end-to-end onboarding team in minutes.

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