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If there’s one thing we’ve all learned since 2020, it’s work is what we DO, not where we GO. At Getech, we’ve supported businesses throughout the pandemic to keep their staff working effectively from any location: the home office, dining table or sofa.

We wanted to distil some of the expertise we’ve gained during that time to give you a better understanding of the solutions embraced by organisations across several sectors in this new work-from-anywhere environment.

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Meeting the needs of the digital workspace

Our solutions support organisations adopting and implementing Chrome technologies where the demand for secure and cost-effective cloud-connected devices becomes increasingly important to satisfy compliance scopes, cost and collaboration for a flexible workforce.

Whether it’s a product, deployment services, support services or a combination of all three, the Google team at Getech can provide you with all you need, from proof of concept to signed-off deployment.

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What is Chrome Enterprise?​

Google Chrome Enterprise provides the OS, browser and devices that your business needs to cloud-power your workforce.


Chrome Enterprise is a modern, secure solution, enabling productivity wherever work happens. Whether on the front lines or in the front office, all of us have the potential to be cloud workers.

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Chrome Enterprise is secure by design, ensuring users and their data are protected thanks to seamless and efficient security updates and intuitive policy enforcement.

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Chrome OS devices have built-in security, deploy quickly and update automatically, providing a modern employee experience. With different form factors to support any business need.

Why Chrome Enterprise?

Google Chrome Enterprise provides the OS, browser and devices that your business needs to cloud-power your workforce.

Few sectors have suffered as much during the pandemic as the healthcare industry, with pressure on the people, processes and systems in place to keep us all healthy when we need it most.

Chrome has been adopted quite intensely in the financial and legal sectors, particularly during 2020, resulting from the pandemic forcing employees to work remotely. We have recognised four main areas in the industry that are making Chrome endpoints stand out as a powerful alternative to other technologies.

The speed of deployment of Chrome devices at scale has proven to be a critical factor for any organisation that needs to remain agile in a fiercely competitive and fast-paced environment. More obviously, however, is the requirement to keep customer information and intellectual property secure across a distributed workforce.

The rise in cloud adoption in our personal lives has brought heightened expectations from the technology we use at work. Your workforce expects seamless and easy-to-use solutions that instantly put information at their fingertips, wherever they are.

Empowering retail workers with the tools needed to serve customers, share information, and improve productivity can drive competitive advantage and help reduce staff turnover. Legacy endpoints and offline processes are often slow and static, leaving employees without access to the data they need to make the customer journey a smooth and easy experience.

Almost every not-for-profit organisation faces issues while managing its resources efficiently. We provide advice, support and expert guidance to support not-for-profit organisations to maximise their IT operations.

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Why Getech for Chrome Enterprise

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Proof of concept kits
We have developed an exclusive proof of concept (PoC) kit for enterprise customers. The PoC kit allows you to test up to 5 Chrome devices and management features for a trial period.
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Ready right out of the box
Our pre-configuration services ensure that your Chrome devices are ready to go straight onto the desk, saving your IT staff the preparatory hassle associated with most other equipment purchases.
Sales and service
In addition to warranty repairs, we also provide a full range of out-of-warranty services, giving you the peace of mind that support is available throughout the lifetime of your organisation’s Chrome devices.

Digital signage​

Digital signage can be used for interactive menu boards, digital advertising billboards, video walls, digital surveillance systems and security, and self-service kiosks to display events, information and better deliver customer service.

Chrome devices and Chrome OS are an ideal combination for digital signage solutions. Chrome OS is a very secure operating system. Aside from being secure, it is also very simple.


Create a better tomorrow with ChromeOS

A cloud-first platform that helps lower carbon footprints and optimises energy efficiency. ChromeOS was born in the cloud and introduced a modern, more sustainable way of computing.

ChromeOS is a cloud first software, resulting in lower overall device carbon footprint.

Efficient charging, low power load states and optimised device performance.

Chromebooks are made with sustainable and recyclable raw materials.

Modernise your business devices with ChromeOS Flex

The upgrade your PCs and Macs have been waiting for. ChromeOS Flex is a sustainable way to modernise devices you already own. It’s easy to deploy across your fleet or simply try it to see what a cloud-first OS has to offer.

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