AI built for teachers

Freedom to teach

Introducing Merlyn, the world’s first AI-powered digital teaching assistant.

Designed to support educators, not replace them, Merlyn gives teachers what they want most, freedom to teach.

Introducing Merlyn Mind

Merlyn Mind is an AI-powered agent specifically designed to help teachers. Merlyn can be controlled by voice or by using the hub remote, freeing educators to manage their classrooms without being tied to their desks, creating a smoother overall teaching experience.

Using Merlyn in the classroom allows teachers to answer student questions from anywhere in the room – or the lesson. Instead of going back to a desk, opening a browser, typing in the question and finding the correct response, they can say, “Hey, Merlyn!” to direct the question to the AI.

Merlyn Mind - show my laptop


hours per week

could be given back to teachers with the right application of technology and AI in the classroom

Can edtech really save teachers time in the classroom?

What if we could provide you with the technology that respects that a teacher’s work cannot be emulated or automated by technology? What if you could give over 10 hours a week back by automating tasks that save teachers time and makes their job a little easier?

Imagine a teaching assistant that had all the answers. A teaching assistant that could switch between all your classroom tech and knew precisely where that presentation was or where in the video to skip to for the specific information you’re looking for.

Merlyn gives teachers what they want most: the freedom to teach

Freedom to teach

Merlyn gives freedom to teachers to teach how they want from anywhere in the classroom

Saving teachers time

Merlyn assists teachers with technology workflows to save instructional time so they can focus more time on students

Ready for the classroom

Merlyn works with the hardware and software already being used in the classroom – so there is nothing new to learn

How Merlyn is different

Merlyn is designed to reduce frustration and help teachers navigate all the technology in their classrooms.

  • Responds to voice, touch or remote control
  • Built just for education environments
  • Provides shortcuts to make work better
  • Natural to use by design
  • Works with the technology already in the classroom

What do educators think?

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Gary Spracklen Headteacher

Prince of Wales First School Dorchester

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Maria Owen Lecturer

Coleg Cambria North Wales

What’s included

Desktop software to connect teacher PCs and Macs

Symphony Classroom hub with AI CPU and far-field microphone array

Remote with air mouse, push-to-talk and media controls

Symphony Classroom home screen and deep links

See Merlyn Mind in action

Watch Francesca and Levi from Merlyn Mind demonstrate how Symphony Classroom is changing teachers’ lives, one micro-automation at a time.

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