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How Wonde can make a difference to your school

A busy school needs total confidence in the security and reliability of their technology. Wonde’s innovative platform has been designed and built to integrate seamlessly with your school MIS, ensuring your data is securely maintained, managed and accessible. A single, simple to use portal enables you to access and control all of your applications.


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Making a difference to schools

Schools deserve quality data management solutions that are managed and maintained in a powerful, highly secure, easy to use way.

Wonde is a simple, intuitive data management system providing you with a single portal from which to maintain, manage and control the data you share whilst maintaining the utmost security processes.


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edusync google

Edusync Google

Save valuable time and resources by automating the adding of your MIS data into your Google Admin Console and much more.

EduSync Google saves your school hours of work by automatically managing Users, Groups and Classrooms in your Google Admin Console by linking to your school’s MIS . This works seamlessly regardless of the size of your school. 

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Wonde for Multi Academy Trusts

When you manage a number of schools, you need an effective, unilateral data management system that safely and securely maintains all your schools data.

The successful management of multiple schools requires an effective data
management solution that saves time, centralises control and improves

Wonde provides this via a free MAT portal. The portal provides trusts the ability to view, access and manage all their schools and the data they share with third-party applications, while schools retain full access via their individual Enterprise dashboard.

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Get control of your school data

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