ZIOXI Charging and Storage Soultions

Intelligent furniture for Education

Zioxi smart furniture products are designed to meet the ever changing needs of technology. They provide solutions for charging, integrating, securing and controlling IT. These solutions enable the latest workspaces and learning spaces to perform to their maximum. 

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5 Reasons to Buy British Made Zioxi Charging Trolleys!

Zioxi’s bestselling Chromebook charging trolleys with key locks and code locks are typically all kept in stock. Meaning they can deliver them  throughout Europe in short time.

They are a UK company. They buy and employ locally wherever possible. This enables them to individually hand check and assemble every charging trolley they produce to guarantee the highest quality.

As a leader in innovation and design thinking Zioxi are constantly evolving and looking for ways to improve their products. They listen to our customers and look for ways to make their lives easier through design.

Zioxi charging trolleys are built from recyclable materials and any plastic elements are already recycled. OnView also offers their customers a green charge option. You can choose to charge your devices at several points in a day when energy from renewable sources is at it’s peak.

They go above and beyond to help their customers choose the right products and have a great experience thereafter. 

Zioxi for schools

Zioxi Chromebook Charging systems

Zioxi offer a wide range of Chromebook charging and storage solutions.

Charging Trolleys

A trolley is the best solution if you need to transport your Chromebooks around from one space to another, and its super easy at the end of the day to just return the Chromebook to the shelf and plug it in.

Charging Cabinets

If you don’t need to move your Chromebooks around then a static solution is the best choice, and it can be positioned in the best location for daily access to the Chromebooks.

Charging Lockers

Lockers are perfect for 1:1 schemes where a user has their own designated Chromebook. This can then be locked away in their own locker compartment at the end of the day.

LEGO Education Storage Solutions

LEGO SPIKE Charging Trolley

This provides charging for 8 LEGO® Spike programmable bricks and storage for 8 Spike PrimeTM tray sets. The AC chargers (not supplied) are stored in a separate electrical compartment, hidden by the removable red panel accessible from the front of the trolley. Only a short length of power lead is presented to each charging pouch. There’s also the option of an integrated USB power module, so no need for chargers.

Making an ICT, Agile Classroom with Zioxi

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