Get a Google Admin Console Health Check from Getech

Admin Console health check

Get a Google Admin Console Health Check from Getech

Maintaining a healthy security posture is crucial, whether you’re a small primary school or a multinational enterprise. With the increasing use of Chromebooks in classrooms and remote work, it is more important than ever to ensure every bit of tech in your estate is optimised for security.

Chromebooks are a popular choice for schools, and more businesses are also recognising the strong security features built-in to the devices and ChromeOS, but it’s essential that these devices are appropriately managed to realise the maximum benefit. Our Admin Console Health Check can help identify vulnerabilities in the Admin console, such as misconfigured settings, weak passwords, or outdated software, and provide recommendations for improvement.

For schools, safeguarding children is a top priority. According to a recent report by the National Cyber Security Centre, schools are increasingly becoming targets of ransomware attacks. Ransomware can have devastating consequences, including data loss, system downtime, and reputational damage. In fact, the same report states that 80% of school ransomware attacks in the UK were successful.

For businesses, the cost of a cyber-attack can be significant. According to a 2021 survey by PwC, 32% of UK businesses experienced a cyber-attack in the past 12 months, with the average cost of a breach being £2.48 million. In addition, a report by Hiscox revealed that 50% of small businesses have also been hit, costing them an average of £25,736 at a time when everyone is trying to keep costs down.

By taking advantage of our Admin Console Health Check service, we’ll help you ensure the security of devices on your domain and demonstrate to stakeholders your commitment to protecting your users and data. You will receive valuable insights from our experts and recommendations you can easily follow while freeing up resources, letting you get on with other important tasks.

To find out more about running an Admin Console Health Check for your customers download this guide:

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