Getech Announce Exclusive Partnership With Merlyn Mind

Getech Announce Exclusive Partnership With Merlyn Mind

Ipswich-based Getech Limited, one of the largest independent value-added distributors and providers of IT services in the UK along with Leading cloud, AI, have announced they have become the first UK distributor for Merlyn Mind, the US-based company behind a new digital assistant for teachers powered by artificial intelligence.

Symphony Classroom is the new hardware and software solution built just for classrooms to bring the power of AI enabled voice to teachers to help them with their work. Symphony Classroom comes as an AI hub, remote control and AI software platform custom built for the unique needs of education and the privacy and security needs of schools, colleges and universities.  Powering all of this is Merlyn, the world’s first digital assistant for teachers.

The solution from Merlyn Mind works with the technology teachers already use in their learning spaces. As a voice-enabled artificial intelligence solution, Merlyn responds to the teacher’s voice from wherever she is in the classroom.  A remote control adds additional interactive features such as an air mouse and media navigation buttons.  The solution is designed for education environments and delivers shortcuts to learning resources powered by just the teacher’s voice, so the teacher can focus on what they do best – teaching.

Guy Watts, MD of distribution partner Getech said “We are known for being innovative in bringing leading technology solutions to the communities we serve and the Symphony Classroom solution from the team at Merlyn Mind is a great example of this. Along with our partners at C-Learning we look forward to helping educators in the UK to harness the potential of this solution to make life better for teachers”.

Gus Schmedlen, President & Chief Revenue Officer at Merlyn Mind said, “After years of development, we are thrilled to share our technology with the global education community, delivering on our mission to give teachers the freedom to teach, powered by AI.  We are delighted to partner with Getech on the next phase of this exciting journey to bring leading artificial intelligence technology to the classrooms of the UK.”

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