Why give Chromebooks a look?

Why give Chromebooks a look?

7 reasons why Chrome could be the best choice for your business

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1. They’re really simple to use

Chrome OS was designed with both school kids and executives in mind, and the hardware built around the cloud-ready operating system is just as versatile.

From automatic updates to force-installing apps for specific groups of users, IT staff get the peace of mind that their users have technology that keeps them safe and secure.

Whether your user needs the latest information at their fingertips to help a customer, or they need some extra power to run intensive applications, Google provides tools that work from the classroom to the boardroom.

2. They’re always up-to-date

Chromebooks benefit from automatic updates, which keep your devices secure and your users up-to-date with the latest and greatest features Google has to offer.

Feature updates happen every six weeks, with regular security patches occurring every 2-3 weeks.

Groups can also be put on the beta channel, so admins get a headstart on changes that are in the pipeline and how they will affect your users before it is rolled out to the wider community.

Users can always have the latest version of the apps they use as updates from the Google Play Store can be managed via the Admin console.

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3. They’re [very] secure

In addition to frequent OS updates, Chrome devices have multiple layers of extra security features baked in through the hardware to the software.

Verified boot prevents malware affecting the operating system by checking the read-only OS against a known safe version every time the device is switched on.

Sandboxing puts every open tab and app in it’s own box. If a user opens something they shouldn’t, they can simply close it down and the threat is contained without ever having the chance to cause chaos on the device.

The user experience can be controlled even further when using Citrix Workspace with Chrome Enterprise, creating the most secure endpoint on the market today.

4. They save you money

Chromebooks now come with an 8-year Auto Update Expiry, meaning they’ll benefit from automatic updates and security patches for several years after you buy them.

And, with perpetual licences keeping them under control until then, there are no annual renewals to worry about – That includes your antivirus software!

By migrating to Google’s carbon-neutral cloud platform, you can do away with inefficient refrigerated server rooms. Chromebooks also use 53% less power than traditional laptops, so you can save on your energy bills whilst doing your bit to save the planet.

5. They’re easy to manage

Whether you have 50 or 5,000 endpoints in your IT estate, they can all be managed remotely via the cloud-based Google Admin console.

Delegate permissions like password resets and remedial tasks to your teachers or team leaders so your admins can stop fighting fires and get back to innovating new and exciting solutions.

Apps and bookmarks can be pushed out to groups of users remotely and automatically, so they have the tools they need to be productive from the start. Seamless updates running behind the scenes means they always have the latest version without persistent prompting.

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6. They’re built to last

Military-spec, ruggedised devices are tested against drops and shocks, rain, sand, dust, humidity, and high/low temperatures to ensure they will keep working whether your users are school children or soldiers.

Chrome OS lacks all the bloatware you’re used to with Windows, and with a lot of compute processes offloaded to the cloud, Chromebooks work comfortably with less demand on hardware and less degradation over time.

That reduced demand on the processor, memory and hard disk also helps to minimise power consumption. Chromebooks can run for up to 12 hours on a single charge, so users can be freed from the constraints of their nearest plug socket.

7. There’s a lot you can do with them

Chrome devices are more than just affordable, easy-to-use computers to get on the internet with. From note-taking to presentation-making and everything in between, a Chromebook is a productivity powerhouse.

Chromebooks have also been able to run Android mobile apps since 2016, giving users access to millions of productivity, education, design, finance, communication apps and more from a central trusted location you can curate and control.

Parallels Desktop for Chromebooks gives you the ability to run full-feature Windows and any Windows applications both online and offline. Seamlessly access files and data between Windows and Chrome OS, share clipboards, printers and more.

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