Learning through play

Incorporating Learning through Play in Education

Learning through play is a powerful and effective way for students to develop their skills and knowledge. It is a process that encourages children to explore the world around them, experiment with new ideas, and learn through trial and error. At the same time, play helps to develop social, emotional, and physical skills that are essential for their overall growth and development.

LEGO Education Robot

Benefits of Learning through Play

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Encourages creativity and imagination

Enhances social and emotional development

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Builds confidence and self-esteem

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Improves communication and language skills

Technical expertise

Develops cognitive and academic skills, including math and literacy

Develops problem-solving and critical thinking skills

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Sparking passion for STEM subjects

Our world is becoming more technology-driven everyday as new innovations make STEM based skills increasingly critical. By presenting students with these subjects at every stage in their educational careers, makes it accessible and interesting, therefore increasing their engagement and confidence while preparing them for the future. 

learning through play case study

Using LEGO® Education to create practical programming at the University of South Wales

The University of South Wales was looking for a practical, flexible platform for programming exercises, particularly in their robotics modules.

esports in education

More than just a game?

The stage is set for esports to transform learner outcomes and propel students towards future-facing career paths. 

The positive correlation between video gameplay and Science, Technology, Engineering and mathematics (STEM) skills has implications for career pathways and society in general – supporting the closing of gender gaps in STEM careers and helping to plug the skills gap. 

Esports provides the essential, highly adaptable learning experience. Students can try many different roles through esports, from pro-player to analyst, shoutcaster, content creator or events planner. These require a diverse range of transferable skillsets that provide a vitally dynamic experience and is arguably more representative of the real world. 

Ready to play?

Start incorporating learning through play today and watch your students thrive both in and out of the classroom.