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Engaging STEM learning with LEGO® Education

Our world is becoming more technology-driven every day as new innovations make STEM based skills increasingly critical. By presenting students with these subjects at every stage in their educational careers, makes it accessible and interesting, therefore increasing their engagement and confidence while preparing them for the future.

By utilising LEGO for Higher Education outreach programs and curriculum delivery you can engage students with STEM subjects throughout their education pathway.

LEGO for higher education
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Demonstrating STEM principles at all ages

STEM outreach teams can deliver an exciting programme of activities inspiring young learners in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

By creating activities for both pre-16 and post-16 learners to encourage exploration and understanding of life as a STEM student at university and the real-world applications of STEM subjects. It can work in a hybrid manner, delivering activity online, welcoming students onto campus and visiting local schools.

delivering curriculum

Sparking passion for STEM subjects

The use of LEGO increases the tactile and kinaesthetic aspects of the learning experience and helps to make abstract concepts more concrete. Students can execute and create programs, whilst giving lecturers the ability to demonstrate fundamental and more advanced concepts.

By introducing practical elements into lessons with robotics, allows pupils to see results more clearly, and understand the effects of the codes they write.

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The LEGO Learning System lets students experience STEM concepts in exciting new ways, sparking their curiosity and building confidence in learning. 

Engage higher education students in meaningful STEM challenges using playful lessons with a clear purpose, scaffolded to support teachers and designed to help students build essential skills.

Every lesson is designed to help pupils develop a full range of STEAM skills, using familiar LEGO building elements and minifigures to help connect abstract concepts to real-life experiences.

Deliver unlimited STEAM learning possibilities with an interconnected system of solutions that work seamlessly together, driving familiarity over time to unlock deeper learning across year levels, with or without technology.

Engage pupils and teachers with solutions backed by over 40 years of experience in creating joyful learning experiences based on learning-through-play principles.

A familiar brand known for playful, hands-on learning experiences and high-quality products that support creativity and critical thinking year after year.

case studies

See the benefits of LEGO for Higher Education

University of Kingston

Using LEGO® Education for STEM outreach and engagement at Kingston University

University of South Wales

Using LEGO® Education to create practical programming at the University of South Wales

UTC Portsmouth

Igniting a lifelong passion for STEM with LEGO® Education at UTC Portsmouth

Proof of Concept programme

Getech, in partnership with LEGO Education, has developed an engaging, playful Proof of Concept (PoC) programme for education.

This hands-on trial enables you to see the positive impact first-hand and gain a full understanding of the wide range of teaching resources included in the learning system. 

How it works

What you will learn

Arrange a LEGO trial today

If you would like to arrange a proof of concept to see the benefits of LEGO for Higher Education , complete this form and we’ll be in contact with you soon.

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