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Acer Chromebook Plus

More power gets more done

Powerful as standard

Touted as having “five times better hardware starting at only twice the price”, the Acer Chromebook Plus 515 pushes the limit of what can be bought on a tight budget.

Configurable from an Intel Core i3 processor to a Core i7, the all new Chromebook Plus has all the performance needed to support efficient multi-tasking.

Double the speed, double the memory and double the storage of other devices as standard, helping you to do more of what you love on a Chromebook.

Must-have features

The Acer Chromebook Plus 515 brings much-loved tools usually found on Google’s range of Pixel phones to ChromeOS for the first time, including Magic Eraser and Portrait Blur.

The new 1080p Full HD webcam provides well-lit and colourful video (when not using the built-in privacy shutter), while practical AI automatically enhances clarity and lighting, reduces noise and blurs backgrounds so you’ll always look your best no matter which app you use.

Those looking to replace their desktop computer with a big-screen laptop they can still pick up and go will be pleased to note the built-in HDMI port, allowing users to run a second screen (upto 4K at 30Hz) without a separate dongle.

Space to work

For those looking to balance visible workspace and portability, 15.6″ Chromebooks are out of the question. However, for users deep into Google Sheets or other hoards of data, the Acer Chromebook Plus 515 provides a spacious display not often found on the market.

The 16:9 aspect, optional touch screen shows deep contrast, sharp details and well-saturated colours in user tests, while the form factor leaves ample space for a roomy keyboard and dual upward-firing DTS-certified speakers that punch above its weight class.

A new generation

In Tech, we’re treated to a new wave of devices more often than we can use them, often with little changing from one iteration to the next.

Google’s new Chromebook Plus badge and Acer’s first foray into the class with the 515 shows us something fresh while proving you can get a lot for your money. 

As the UK’s largest Chrome-only Acer distributor, Getech will have stock of new devices for sale and demo from January 2024.