Tips on improving the sustainability of the technology you use

How to reduce battery drain

Remove any apps you don't use

These can still consume energy in the background.

These consume a lot of memory, slowing down your device and draining your battery.

E.g Bluetooth, location services, WiFi

Even electronics on standby will consume electricity. This is also relevant to other devices in the home such as stereos and TV’s.

Turn it down as much as looks comfortable to you. 

How to extend battery lifetime

Limit maximum charging to 80-85%

Always charging to 100% using fast chargers is damaging to the battery. 

This will strain the battery.

Click the links to see whats consuming the most battery on your device. 

How to extend device lifespan

Optimise your device to reduce performance demands

Roll back some of the speed losses that occur over time.

If you are using more than 80% of your available RAM then at times you are likely to be exceeding the device’s available memory. Luckily RAM is upgradeable in most laptops and desktops and is a more effective way to improve performance. 

Decluttering your desktop frees up space for things you actually want. 

Although this is useful for applications that need to be running, it can often slow the device down if there are multiple unnecessary applications running. After removing/uninstalling any applications, try to check the applications running at startup and disable any that you recognise but do not need to be running. If you do not recognise them, research them to see if they can be disabled without affecting the device. Do not diable anything that you do not recognise as they may be related to the Operating System. 

ChromeOS needs less memory and reduces battery use by ~20%, making old devices run faster and smoother for longer. 

Avoid buying from new over and over

Investigate the cost of repair

Especially for replacement batteries as these are much more sustainable than buying replacement new devices. The most sustainable device is the one you already own. 

Do your research and find the best quality device for your budget. 

Remanufactured laptops produce only 6.34% of the CO2 emissions that new ones create.

Sharing is caring

Donate a device to someone in need

Factory reset wipes all residual data and personal information, so your details are safe from whoever you donate to. 

Factory reset wipes all residual data and personal information, so your details are safe from whoever you donate to. 

Consider how online services cost carbon

An email attachment has 12x the carbon footprint of a linked file

Dont send large files via email, especially to multiple people. Instead use Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox or iCloud to host and share files. This is because it only stores a single copy which is accessed by all, rather than multiple copies in people’s inboxes. 

Take advantage of manufacturer schemes

Drop off your old tech for proper recycling

Lenovo, Apple and others have a requirement to take back old tech and ensure that it is recycled. This can be hit and miss so make sure to ask questions to make sure that this is not just ending up as a landfill, Make sure they use a UK refurbisher who is fully certified for data management and UK recycling *but make sure you have removed and reset ay device that may hold any information about you, including email addresses, personal details, banking and passwords.