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Many schools across the UK now use devices in the classroom, all these devices need to be kept secure and charged each night after use. A charging trolley can be a great solution to this issue by keeping them charged, mobile, secure and accessible.

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p-tech range

Charging Cabinets for Education

The P-TEC range of cabinets are a central storage solution that allow the charging and synchronisation of 12-48 compatible devices.

The strong metal design ensures that devices are well supported while charging, and the lockable doors prevent unwanted access to both the devices and also the electrics at the rear.

Cabinets can be supplied with power blocks to allow laptop power supplies to be plugged in, or USB connections to allow devices which are charged via USB to be charged, and where possible synchronised.

p-tech range

Charge Only Cart

The P-TEC range offers storage and charging for Laptops, Netbooks and  Chromebooks. 

Each bay has its own dedicated power socket and with Parotec’s SMART charging system you can efficiently charge your devices, prolonging the battery life. Also with SMART comes the ability to choose when your devices charge on the programmable timer so if you have cheaper energy at night you can set it to charge then. Throughout the trolley is built in Ventilation to ensure your devices are kept cool.

P-TEC T36 Cart – 36 Devices

The Carrier Carts are extremely durable, simple to use, easy to set up , and ultra secure. With the Carrier Cart you get a lifetime warranty so you will be confident that your Cart will last for years to come.

Parotec P-TEC T32

The P-TEC T32 is a safe and secure mobile trolley range that offers storage and charging for Laptops, Netbooks, Chromebooks or tablets such as iPads.

Protect Store Charge Sync

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