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Engage learners, streamline teaching and improve outcomes inside and outside the classroom

Innovation is our thing – ViewSonic Education is dedicated to creating intuitive EdTech solutions for all teaching levels. The comprehensive learning ecosystem and software are adaptable to different teaching styles and integrate technology in ways that support human connection.

ViewSonic - Participate

Learning software – myViewBoard and Manager

Giving you the tools to deliver engaging lessons and remotely manage your school’s displays

ViewSonic’s tech-agnostic software allows for the seamless integration of EdTech to engage students and remotely manage multiple displays across your school.

Key benefits of myViewBoard

Import and edit with ease: The Classroom app can import existing lessons or media and allow teachers to revise or update content as needed.

Enrich your lessons: The Whiteboard app combines the versatility of an analogue whiteboard with immediate access to digital media.

Pocket-sized participation: The Companion mobile app promotes lesson interactivity by sharing content quickly with students through scannable QR codes.

Interactive displays – ViewBoard

Innovate and upgrade the classroom experience

Create a modern classroom with an interactive whiteboarding experience that is fit for any teaching level and student’s ability.

Why choose ViewBoard?

Presentations done your way: Use built-in software, including myViewBoard Display or vCast Sender, to wirelessly display and share content with students and promote interactive learning.

Easy remote management: Achieve complete control of all ViewBoards on your network with a system designed to elevate device management by promoting sustainability and improving time- and cost-efficiency

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65"/75"/86" EDLA-Certified ViewBoard Interactive Display

  • Android™ EDLA (Enterprise Devices Licensing Agreement) certification
  • Advanced Security with Google Workspace
  • Full Access to the Google Play Store
  • Hassle-free Maintenance and Updates
  • Intuitive and Ultra-Responsive Touchscreen
ViewSonic - ifp7550-5

55"/65"/75"/86"/98" 4K ViewBoard Interactive Display

  • 4K Ultra HD interactive display
  • 40-point multi-touch for fingers and pens
  • Android 11 operating system
  • Built-in 40W stereo soundbar
  • Powerful quad-core processor and versatile connectivity options with 65W PD USB-C
ViewSonic - ifp67562

65"/75"/86" 4K Touch Enabled ViewBoard Smart Display

  • 4K Ultra HD with a bezel-less display
  • 20-point PCAP touch technology for fingers and active styluses
  • Convenient USB-C for connected devices
  • Built-in Microphone Array with echo cancellation and noise reduction

Presentation displays

High-quality presentations and communication

Non-touch displays with easy setup and quality that inspire creativity in the classroom and top-notch campus communication.

Why choose presentation displays?

Effortless connectivity: Start every lesson on time with instant wireless connectivity options that eliminate the need for physical cables.

Remote management and campus communication:  Manage multiple devices from anywhere and easily broadcast clear messages across your campus.

Complete computing power:  Directly access apps and online resources with open platform computing power and slot-in PC.

Embrace EdTech Transformation

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