LEGO Education: Boost Learning and Creativity

Future-proof your pupils’ skills and make them confident life-long learners by giving them unlimited possibilities for hands-on, playful STEM learning with the new LEGO® Learning System.

By using LEGO Education in the classroom, students can develop problem-solving skills, enhance creativity, and improve communication and collaboration.

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Let's bring joy back to learning

Recent disruptions in learning have caused many students to disengage from school and it is up to us to change this and reignite their joy. By bringing hands-on learning and purposeful play into the classroom, we can re-engage students and nurture their STEM and 21st-century skills to set them up for future success.

LEGO for Classroom

Inspire your students through purposeful play

Joyful learning creates “an inclusive learning environment in which all students can engage and contribute”. The LEGO Learning System helps cultivate this positive experience for both students and teachers, meeting them wherever they are in their learning journey to set them up for success. Learning through play cultivates the physical, intellectual, emotional and creative abilities of students.


How can LEGO Education bring back the joy?


The LEGO Learning System lets students experience STEM concepts in exciting new ways, sparking their curiosity and building confidence throughout learning. 

LEGO Education offers a range of products designed specifically for classroom use. Bring LEGO Education into the classroom to bring joy back into students’ learning with purposeful play. 

Every lesson is designed to help pupils develop a full range of STEM skills, using familiar LEGO Education building elements and minifigures to help connect abstract concepts to real-life experiences.

Deliver unlimited STEM learning possibilities with an interconnected system of solutions that work seamlessly together, driving familiarity over time to unlock deeper learning across year levels, with or without technology.

Engage pupils and teachers with solutions backed by over 40 years of experience in creating joyful learning experiences based on learning-through-play principles.

A familiar brand known for playful, hands-on learning experiences and high-quality products that support creativity and critical thinking year after year.

Interconnected solutions that work seamlessly together

The easy-to-adopt LEGO Learning System offers solutions that work with or without technology.
Implement the complete system all at once or introduce individual solutions over time.

Primary learning

LEGO Education BricQ Motion Essential

BricQ Motion

Give your primary school students a greater understanding of forces and motion as they plan and conduct investigations to predict future motion

LEGO Education SPIKE essential


Engage primary students in hands-on investigation of STEM concepts while contributing to literacy, maths and social-emotional development

Secondary learning

LEGO Education BricQ Motion Prime

BricQ Motion

Challenge middle school students to apply scientific inquiry skills to provide evidence of the change in an object's motion based on its force and mass

lego education spike prime


Combining LEGO elements, easy-to-use hardware and intuitive coding experience, SPIKE Prime builds STEM confidence in secondary school students

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Bring joy to your classroom

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